A Look At The Forest Hills Volunteer Ambulance Corps

The Forest Hills Volunteer Ambulance Corps (FHVAC) is the volunteer provider of Emergency Medical Service to the communities of Forest Hills and Rego Park in Queens, New York City. The Corps provides Basic Life Support pre-hospital care using our two New York State Certified Ambulances.

1991 Ford Type II
Each ambulance is staffed with one New York State Certified Emergency Medical Technician, one CPR certified or better driver, and usually one Certified First Responder or better attendant. All corps members are unpaid volunteers providing service to their community.

The History of FHVAC

The FHVAC was founded in 1971 due to the obvious need of a community oriented ambulance service. The Corps colors of white and green were adopted and have remained the same ever since. The first ambulance ever owned by the corps was a cadillac model, followed by a Type II van in 1981, a Type I modular in 1986, and another Type II van in 1991. The current in service vehicles are the Type II vans from 1981 and 1991. In January of 1997 the Corps was granted an operating certificate to expand into neighboring Rego Park. After over 10 years of not having a volunteer ambulance corps, the community of Rego Park will finally be served one.

The FHVAC Membership

The FHVAC membership consists of approximately 40 active members and 20 members currently on educational leave of abscence. The membership annually elects officers to a ten member executive board who oversees the corps operations as a whole. A large number of our members had no prior experience in an Emergency Medical Service. Through training by the Corps and State classes members are able to gain training in everything from dispatching to being a State Certified Emergency Medical Technician.

Members of FHVAC

New E-Board As Of July 1

The Forest Hills VAC general membership recently held their elections and elected a new Executive Board. The Executive Board is the leading body of members in the corps responsible for all operations through its members various positions.

The new President is Bryce Friedman, the former Captain of the Forest Hills VAC. The new Vice-President is Dave Konig, an Operations Manager for a private ambulance company. The new Captain is Theo Mitsinikos, a lab technician at St. Luke's Hospital. The new First Lieutenant is Glenn Mann, an EMT for Madison Square Garden. The new Second Lietenant is Kenny Ash, a special delivery courier for a private company. All of these officers are New York State Certified EMTs, they are all Crew Chiefs at FHVAC, and all have been a members for at least three years at Forest Hills.

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