Sgt. Garcia's

A friendly Mexican restaurant.

When he was growing up, Forest Hills restauranteur George Scott admired Zorro on the television series set in 19th century Mexico. So when he opened a Mexican restaurant, Scott named the eatery after Zorro's bumbling but lovable nemesis, Sgt. Garcia. "Sgt. Garcia tried to catch Zorro but never succeeded," Scott said. "We have pictures of him throughout the restaurant."

Fortunately for George, his restaurant had more success attracting customers in the past nine years than its namesake did in trying to track down Zorro. "It's been a very successful business from the outset. It's been a good nine years." he said. One of the reasons for the success of Sgt. Garcia's restaurant is its ability to cater to the tastes of New Yorkers and another is the personal service provided to diners.

"We have tried to adapt the menu to our clientele," he said. For example, the restaurant offers low-fat and low-cholesterol meals for health-conscious diners. "We feature a lot of seafood and chicken entrees." he said. Rather than use canned beans, the restaurant soaks its beans overnight in water. Sgt. Garcia's also takes it easy on the spices, although the kitchen stocks a variety of chili peppers for customers who like hot food. "We adapted our cooking to satisfy New York customers. The majority of our food is neither hot nor spicy because most New Yorkers don't like it that way." The menu is Mexican, specializing in the regional cuisines of Vera Cruz and Puebla. The restaurant recently added eight different kinds of char-broiled steaks.

Happy hour from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm on weekdays is very popular. The bartenders are particularly proud of their margaritas which are in high demand.

George opened the restaurant in 1988 because he realized there was a demand for good mexican food in Central Queens. "The reason I opened it is my wife and I got tired of going to Manhattan for mexican food and there was nothing decent around." he said. "Most of the people working here, have been with us since the day we opened."

Running his own restaurant has made George a master of all the related skills, such as cooking, bartending, waiting on tables and operating cash registers. Most days you can see him darting in and out in the kitchen or making his customers feel welcomed and making sure that they enjoy their meal at Sgt. Garcia's.

Because of the overwhelming success of Sgt. Garcia's, George open another Sgt. Garcia's in Rockville Centre.

70-90 Austin St.
Forest Hills, New York
(718) 575-0007

Also come visit us at our Rockville Centre location

351 Merrick Road
Rockville Centre, New York
(516) 678-4800

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