Special Hair Care

Conditioning Treatment

Formulated for your hair type, each treatment provides long-lasting strength and protection. Improves body and shine with the perfect amount of moisture and protein. Best of all, it does so without weighing the hair down.

Anti-Stress Scalp Treatment

These specially designed massages help tone the scalp and improve circulation to the root system of the hair.

Style Support Wave

A damage-free wave that provides the volume and support for smoother, more natural looking hair styles.

Anti-Curl Treatment

Controls disobedient, frizzy, humidity-susceptible hair and achieves straight, smooth fashion styles.

Prior to every service preformed at the Spectrym Salon our clients receive the exclusive SPECTRYM ANALYSIS. Our expert stylists and colorist consult with you to ensure your satisfaction and the look that's right for you.

Shampoo Cut & Style $36-$45
Shampoo & Style $25 & up
Evening Style/French Braid $40 & up
Bangs $5
Children $20 & up
Single Process Color $45 & up
Double Process Color $55 & up
Foil Highlights $100 & up
Partial Foil Highlights $55 & up
Cap Highlights $75
Glazing $55 & up
Colorshines $40 & up
FX $35 & up
Color Correction upon consultation
Beard Color $15
Mustache Color $5
Short/Long Hair Perms $75 & up
Spiral Perms $100 & up
Partial Perms $40 & up
Style Support Wave $75 & up
Relaxer $75 & up
Anti-Curl Treatment $35 & up
Hot Towel Wrap $10 & up
Conditioning Treatment $20 & up
Anti-Stress Scalp Treatment $35 & up
Claypac Hair Treatment $25 & up
Seaweed Scalp Treatment $25 & up
Detoxifying Treatment $25 & up
Conditioning Ampule $25 & up
Moisturizing Treatment $25 & up
Protein Treatment $25 & up
Lifetex Wellness Treatment $30 & up

Prices may vary depending on the length, thickness or texture. Ask for a price quote before any service is performed.

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