Maspeth, What's in a Name

Maspeth is one of the few town in the area know by many names, which at times has created some confusion. In the book Indian Places Names on Long Island by William Tooker. "Variations are Maspatchis Kil ,1642; Mespachtes Kil,1646; Mespacht, 1654; Mespaat, 1656; Mespath 1661. English form Maspeth and Mashpath occur in 1703.

He goes onto say that "The name may have been applied to the resident of the swamp and his family, but the word bears great remblance to 'Mecht-Pe-Es-It' meaning 'at the bottom of the bad water place' which would apply to the locality, a low swampy region."

This by no means, is the definitive history of the name Maspeth, that history has and never will be written, until we can travel through time. So if you see a couple of more names of Maspeth on this website or anywhere else do not be surprised.

Here are a couple more: Metsepe, Mespat and a Dutch variation Maestealches Killetze, also called english Kill , Newton Creek. The word Kill, Kil and Killetze are derived from Dutch and mean creek.

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